If you love me, buy a book! In 2010 I took over the independent press founded by my publishers and mentors Harry Willson and Adela Amador. This doubled my workload and halved my income. I am now storing tons (literally) of printed books while trying to digitize a backlist of significant titles and to continue publishing. Please take a book off my hands and put a few dollars into the Amador Publishers fund, or purchase one of our new E-books. Writers do not live on Likes, Follows and praise alone… although, actually, all of those go pretty far. I do this for love, but I still need to eat – and baby needs new books.

These are the books I have written:

If I Could Convince You of Only One Thing essays from this blog and more!
The Two Magicians  The long-awaited sequel to The Time Dancer
Digital Face, stories  Winner! 2017 NM-AZ Book Awards!
Ancestral Notes: A Family Dream Journal
But Who’s Counting? collected poems **2010 Winner New Mexico Book Awards!**
Castle Lark And The Tale That Stopped Time
The Time Dancer: A Novel of Gypsy Magic
Time and Temperature: thoughts about consciousness
Where The Sky Used To Be a novel **2012 Finalist NM-AZ Book Awards!**
Zelda’s Cosmic Coloring Book: For Children of All Ages

These are books on which I have editorial credits:
The Wind Waits For Me The Art and Poetry of Van Dorn Hooker, III
Feeling the Unthinkable: Essays on Social Justice by Donald Gutierrez **2013 Winner NM-AZ Book Awards!**
From Fear to Love: My Journey Beyond Christianity by Harry Willson **2013 Winner NM-AZ Book Awards!**
Christmas Blues: Behind the Holiday Mask ed. by Zelda Gatuskin, Michelle Miller, Harry Willson

Amador Publishers has titles for all tastes. We are a homegrown New Mexico company, and we could sure use your support. Check out our website for wonderful affordable gifts year-round. Our website is ad-free. Visitors are not tracked. If you click over to take a peek, you will be safe from snooping and pop-ups.


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