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Vigorously support women’s rights by fully engaging in efforts to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Yes, Katha, Once More Unto the Breach we go, and this time we are determined to get our guarantee of equal rights for women “in writing”!  Here in  New Mexico, where we have already ratified the ERA and passed our own state ERA, we are mobilizing, networking, finding our voices, finding many allies and finding empowerment and inspiration in our feminist community.

Here are some photos from the Roe v Wade anniversary rally and pro-ERA demonstration at the statehouse in Santa Fe on 1/25.

HSNM in Santa Fe 1-25-13

Humanists  and feminists gather at NM statehouse to raise awareness about the ERA.HSNM FC Friends

RvW Rally Santa Fe 1-25-13

A couple of hundred people crowded into the rotunda to celebrate Roe v Wade and show their commitment to guaranteeing women’s equality.

ERA Memorial-Sylvia Ramos,Senator Candelaria

Dr. Sylvia M. Ramos, Chair of the Feminist Caucus HSNM with Senator Jacob Candelaria in the NM Senate Chamber on 1/25/13. Sylvia holds the Memorial that Sen. Candelaria has introduced; it requests that our congressional delegation in Washington support legislation to remove the deadline for ratifying the ERA.

ERA Gals

Bonnie, Sylvia, Cynthianne and Zelda pose with signs at Roe v Wade reception.